West Africa: Mali and Central Africa – Two Fronts in Sahel

23 DECEMBER 2013,Centre for Strategies & Security, Nouakchott

One year since the French military intervention in Mali, the underlying drivers of violent extremism remain strong in the Sahel Sahara. Though deeply hurt, on the run and their operations largely on hold, the armed groups still commend enough capacities to challenge the long term objectives of external military interventions.

A fluid situation.

As its main objective was to save Mali territorial integrity, and not necessarily to eradicate the radical groups, the French military operation, has succeeded in that regard.

Indeed most of the root causes of instability in the region – exclusion, nepotism and irredentism, have rather increased due to the current political uncertainties. Corruption, which undermines most values, including those of hard work and effort, remains pervasive. In addition, the new industry of fake and false „legal“ papers, documents and goods, including medicines, has weakened further public institutions and exacerbate peoples‘ frustrations.




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