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africa-co-operation e.V. – Who we are and what we want?

africa-co-operation e.V. is a registered non-profit association working on Projects in the northwest of Africa in collaboration with other associations which share similar aims. We are a team including four former, experienced ‚Africa drivers‘, who want to engage in sustainable changes for people in the poorest countries on earth. We are politically and confessional independent. All engagement for africa-co-operation is voluntary and unpaid, done beside our usual jobs.

Supporting education in Mali – „Get a smile!“
Never since World War II there were so many refugees – according to the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) more than 50 millions in 2014. These people leave their home due to war, hunger and missing perspectives for the future. Many refugees are at our borders searching for safety and a better future. However, they are often perceived as threat, as parasites that may take away some of „our“ wealth.

We from africa-co-operation e.V. want to engage for a change of this situation. Mali is one of the poorest African countries, a current trouble spot, origin of many refugees. We believe that education is a key factor for a positive economical development, for self-determination and a sustainable change. We believe that education and the experience of achieving improvements with little support from outside will create better perspectives in Mali.

Our association africa-co-operation e.V. works on a better future in Fangasso, a village with 2500 inhabitants in the Sahel, 470 km north-east of Bamako. The regional school is located in Fangasso, a school with 1200 pupils that often come from far so that they cannot return home after school. They live in host-families that rarely have enough to eat for themselves.

Our project „Get a smile!“ works together with a committee founded in Fangasso on the construction of a school garden and a school canteen. Goal: no child shall stop learning due to hunger. By help of „Get a smile“ a fenced school garden was installed and a gardener was employed. The next steps will be an efficient irrigation system and laying the foundation stones of the canteen. A laptop and a digital camera on site enable the communication with the project committee in Fangasso, – and document the progress of „Get a smile!“. Have a look at the „Get a smile!“ blog that reports everything that happens:

The regional medical center, a tiny hospital, is also located in Fangasso. By providing two vans remodeled to ambulances and a special photovoltaic-driven fridge for tropic climate we could achieve significant improvements in the medical care of ill or pregnant people. Now, ill or pregnant patients can be transported by car. Vaccines and medicine can be stored as required. Medical care during delivery is possible.

Together with the locals, small help can have big effects. Earn the happy smiles of kids that can learn for their future by supporting our project „Get a smile!“. Track the effects of your donation on our website

africa-co-operation e.V. is a member of the nationwide „Netzwerk Mali-Hilfe“: Many people, companies, educational institutions, other associations and clubs support our project and appreciate the value of a smile that enriches our life.

Johannes Albers