Mali: Telegraph finds al-Qaeda plan in Timbuktu

A secret document revealing how al-Qaeda in north Africa planned to seize „command“   of the jihadist struggle in the Sahara has been found by The Daily Telegraph   in Timbuktu. Telegraph Chief Foreign Correspondent David Blair   reports.

Al-Qaeda leaders might live as outlaws in the depths of the Sahara, but they   remain sticklers for bureaucratic protocol. When the „prince“   gathers his Council, a detailed note is taken and the meeting carefully   numbered.

We know this because the record of the 33rd meeting of the leadership of   al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) was found by the Daily Telegraph in   Timbuktu. It shows that the group took a decision with profound   consequences.

At that moment, 18 March 2012, guerrillas from the Tuareg minority and Ansar   al-Dine, a jihadist group, were on the verge of capturing northern Mali.   They had just taken a string of Saharan towns near the border with Algeria.

The document shows that Abu Musab Abdul Wadoud, the „prince“ of   AQIM, chaired a gathering of senior commanders with the apparent aim of   ensuring that his movement would gain most from the seizure of this   territory.

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