AFRICOM 2013: 3000 U.S. Troops Heading to Africa To Protect American Oil Interests [VIDEO]

Army Times news service reported that the U.S. is expected to deploy more than 3,000 soldiers to Africa in 2013. They will be assigned to every part of the continent. Major General David R. Hogg mused: “As far as our mission goes, it’s uncharted territory.” But the presence of U.S. soldiers in Africa is nothing new, and even though Hogg is unwilling to admit it, the obvious mission is to lock down the entire continent.


Burkina Faso calls upon Mali to open talks with northern rebels

BAMAKO | Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:46pm EST

BAMAKO (Reuters) – Burkina Faso, which is attempting to mediate an end to the crisis in its West African neighbour Mali, on Saturday called upon Malian President Dioncounda Traore to open direct talks with Islamist fighters in control of the country’s north.

Military experts from Africa, the United Nations and Europe have drafted plans to retake control of northern Mali, which fell to rebels in March after a coup in the capital Bamako created a power vacuum.

Mali’s neighbours fear the instability could spill over its borders, and the United States and European countries fear the vast and loosely governed Sahel region may become a new base for terrorist groups


Mauretanien: Kampf um den Fisch

Europäische Trawler vor Westafrika: Mauretanien hat für 70 Millionen Euro Fangrechte an die Europäische Union verkauft. Seither ziehen europäische Fangschiffe jährlich Tausende Tonnen Fisch aus dem Meer. Die Folge: Die einheimischen Fischer werden in den Ruin getrieben.

Halbstündiger Filmbeitrag zum Thema vom NDR:

Hintergrund zur Lage in Westafrika

Mali: Der lange Weg in die Krise

Die aktuelle Krise in Mali hat eine lange Vorgeschichte. Zu tun hat sie mit den Unabhängigkeitsbestrebungen der Tuareg, schweren politischen und militärischen Fehlern der Regierung in Bamako und dem Fall des Gaddafi-Regimes in Libyen.

Von Alexander Göbel, ARD-Hörfunkstudio Rabat